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Waterjet  Cutting


Cuts: Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Rubber, UHMW, Foam, Glass, Granite


Accuracy:  +/- .005"


Great for producing very accurate parts from a variety of materials. Zero heat is introduced to the material.

Plasma Cutting


Cuts: Primarily Steel


Accuracy:  +/- .025" depending on thickness


Cuts extremely fast while maintaining quality and accuracy.  Most cost effective technology when cutting steel.

Router Cutting


Cuts: Aluminum, Rubber, UHMW, Wood, Foam, Soft Materials


Accuracy:  +/- .015"


Cut, countersink, counterbore, bevel, and engrave softer materials.   The 6’x12’ table easily produces large parts.

Powder Coating
More durable than tradition paint and comes in a wide variety of colors and textures.


Parts are blasted, pre heated, coated, and then cured at 400 degrees in an industrial oven.



Carts, Tables, Guards, Custom Fab


Since we have the ability to cut custom parts and powder coat in-house, we can fabricate quality items while saving your company money.

Aluminum Tags


Powder coated marine grade 5052 aluminum milled using our CNC Router.


Our customers will testify that our tags enhance their products and lead to future sales.

Aluminum Control Panels


Very visually appealing and easy to read.  Can be made in a variety of colors and sizes.

Industrial Blasting


12'x12'x20' blasting room


5'x5'x5' blasting cabinet

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